can i run gta 5 on a laptop having 4Gb ram,2 GB dedicated amd radeon graphics card,dual core processor, i3 6th generation

can i run GTA 5 on laptop having 4 GB ram,2GB dedicated amd radeon graphics card,dual core,i3 6th generation processor?
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  1. What video card exactly? 4 GB RAM is low for GTA V, it runs on 8 much better. If you have a low end video card model, it will run but lower settings and you may want to run it at 768 resolution.
  2. You would an average 9-11 frames, no use,
    buy a card that can run GTA 5 at 30 fps on 1024*768
    Give in detail specs of your processor, i3 6th gen 2.7,3.4 ghz?
    the 2gb amd radeon is a new card or 5 year old?
    4gb ram will cause the pc to kneel at GTA 5, Try upgrading your RAM to about 8GB to enjoy lag free experience
    What is the speed of the existing ram and DDR3 or DDR4?
    U say 6th gen i3, is it unlocked processor? coz you might wanna overclock it if its at say 2.7 or 3 ghz in stock
    do you have good cooling facility?
    Have you tried running crysis 3? how much frames u get with current specs? consider using crysis 3 to compare your specs power coz crysis 3 is a graphc demanding game and u might get an idea if u consider running crysis 3 with current specs and posting the framerate and resolution u get for max.
  3. I can't send the link right now, but check out LowSpecGamer's video on GTA V. I ran it on integrated graphics which is tenfold weaker than almost any dedicated GPU so yeah, you can run it at least 20 FPS with lowering the settings down.
  4. If you want to know for sure, go here:

    This site is useful for checking whether your system will run a certain game or not.
  5. A great site for suggested builds for various games and how to get the most fps by tweaking settings on specific games.
    Honestly looking at the site you barely pass for minimum requirements, meaning that you will have a bad experience with the game, so I highly doubt you could run GTA V no matter what settings you change. You'd definitely need an upgrade because GTA V is quite the demanding game.
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