Reusing my PSU with only 8 pin CPU power for a Ryzen 1700 build. Can it OC to 3.9 without the extra 4 Pin CPU power?


I am going to be building a Ryzen system while reusing some components from my AMD8350 build including PSU. My PSU (Antec VP700) only has an 8 pin CPU connector but the ryzen boards include a port for another 4 pin which i have heard is for overclocking potential.

The reason i am going for the cheaper 1700 is to overclock it to be near 1800x performance for less at around 3.9 ghz constant.

If i use my Antec PSU with only 8 pin CPU power will it be able to achieve this type of overclock with stability or should i really buy another PSU with the extra 4 pin CPU connector? ( i obviously would prefer to not have to replace my PSU)

Thank you for reading and for any answers given.
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    You fail to mention which board you are using.
    A quick look at Gigabyte's offerings (as an example) shows no additional power connector apart from the ATX and 8-pin you refer to.
  2. Actually yes it seems i am mistaken. I have not bought a x370 board yet as i am yet to decide on one. I think i looked at a high end model with the extra 4 pin in a review on youtube and assumed all of them had the extra connector. I know that some of them do but after more closely looking at the price range boards i am going for it seems they do not include it.

    Thanks for helping and sorry for the waste of a question due to being misinformed.
  3. No trouble at all. Happy to assist. :)
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