Hard drive problem

hey there, what happens when electricity goes away while your in in process of formatting hard drive by dos command?
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  1. Possibly nothing but you're going to have to do it all over again.
    Data corruption/loss across other partitions(if there are any more than one)
    Possible failure of HDD.
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    If you are formatting the drive, one can assume that there is not data on it that you want/need recovered. You will likely need to restart the format command and consider using a UPS to prevent the system going offline, should the power fail again.

    There are cases where a hard drive's heads may get stuck to the platters or firmware issues come as a result of a power failure. But, most of the time, you should be just fine to restart the format and carry on.
  3. +1 on usage of UPS, whether with or without AVR. Wife and I have several in our home, in key areas.
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