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Quick Introduction,
So I've been PC Gaming for about 6 years now. I've never built a computer.
The first and only computer I got was an Alienware Aurora R3. I was an uneducated 13 year old, it was also a surprise from my parents. I still have this computer today, I've learned it more expensive to get a pre-built computer. This is why I would like to create my own.

I've been watching guides on how to build computers but all of the ones I see are computers that are fan cooled. The question I'm trying to ask is, is installing liquid cooling any harder then installing a fan or is it pretty similar?
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    Its easy, do you have the original case of the alienware aurora r3 ? If so, its easy, just buy the cpu liquid cooling setup (corsair is good, cheap) and installing it a brease in that case.
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