Need a 4Gb stick of DDR4 Ram. Need to know what types are compatible with Intel Core i5-7600K 3.8 GHz

Can only afford one stick of 4GB, Already have the processor and need ram for the motherboard as my ddr3 is now obsolete. if you can help could you tell me what type of ram would be compatible with this processor.

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  1. Literally any consumer DDR4 stick will work with that CPU. If you want to be safe, look at the validated memory list for your motherboard.
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    Yes, almost any ddr4 memory currently in the market should be compatible. Just check the List as TJ Hooker said.
    I would recommend getting some money anywhere (some friend, family, etc) and get at least 8GB. 4GB is very little, and lot of current games requires more than that.
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