Graphics card not detected, fans spinning

gtx 660ti
mb with LGA 1155 socket and Z77 chipset (PCIe 3.0)
650W power supply

System was flawlessly working since it was first assembled for years.

While just being in desktop browsing internet (so the system wasnt under load) i got "no signal detected" on both monitors.

PC didnt crash, continued running. Turned it off, put the graphics card into 2nd PCIE slot, system booted into windows (could tell due to sound), but still no signal. The fans on the graphics card were running as usual.

Other info which should narrow the problem down:
- integrated chip works without problem
- graphics card isnt listed in devices in either of the slots (fans run in both slots)
- as far as i can tell theres no problem with the PSU (ran hard drives from different branches, all work, powered GPU from 2nd branch, same result - fans spinning, card not listed in devices and no signal)
- reset bios/cmos, doesnt change anything
- HD 4850 (PCIe 2.0) which i know works well doesnt work in those slots either
- the gtx 660ti doesnt work on the PCIe 2.0 motherboard, but that could be due to insufficient power supply

So as far as i can tell the most likely source of problem is both the PCIe slots dying at the same time (but how likely is for both to die at the same time?) or both the PCIe and the graphics card being dead. Or is there any other explanation/way to figure out where the problem is?
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    If a known good card no longer works in your system, PCIe slots are bad, or it's an issue with the power supply. Since onboard video works, motherboard is not fully dead, which leaves an issue with the slots, power supply or the video cards.
  2. also you could try going online to the vendors website and downloading the latest drivers.
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