Looking at purchasing a new graphics card. Trying to figure out compatibility (POWER SUPPLY IN PARTICULAR)

The cards I'm looking at right now are a GeForce GTS 250 (well technically the seller's ad says "GT 250" but that card isn't in Wikipedia's Nvidia list so I'm guessing he meant "GTS 250") and a Radeon HD 4850.

MY BIG CONCERN is the power supply.

I have: 300 W ATX Power Supply – PFC/non-PFC with a 115v/230v line switch. I think it's a generic power supply though so maybe only 250 W.

Do I have enough power? http://powersupplycalculator.net/ says: "probably". Load power is at about 210 W and recommended is at about 270 W. My 250 W - 300 W power supply seems OK but I'm wondering if it's too dicey cutting it that close.

The other concern is connectors. I guess I'm going to have to get off my ass and look inside the box.

As you've no doubt presumed from the GPUs I'm considering I'm on a very tight budget. I really hope I don't need to get a new PSU.

My system is a HP Compaq dx 7500 microtower. According to the manual it has 1 PCI e 16 slot and 3 PCI e 1 slots. The manual does not specify what PCI e version they are. However the bus interface of the two cards is PCI e 2.0 x16 so I'm probably good to go there since PCI e 2.0 cards are usually compatible with PCI e 1.0 slots (or so I've heard) so even if my slots are PCI e 1.0 I'll probably be fine.

Desktop Dimension

Height 14.76 in 37.5 cm
Width 6.98 in 17.73 cm
Depth 16.88 in 42.87

Looks like I should be fine in terms of physical space. Guess I should take a look inside though (I've never seen the inside of this case. I just purchased it very cheaply from someone, plopped it down and turned it on).

Well that's that.

My gratitude in advance.
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  1. chose a card which doesn´t need an extra PCIe power connector, like AMD R5 250 . What´s your budget and what do you wanna do with it?
  2. I would have replied around 7 hours ago were it not for my internet outage. My apologies for not responding earlier.

    "What´s your budget and what do you wanna do with it?"

    My budget is R500. That's $36.28. I would be gritting my teeth but I guess I could stretch it to R650 ($47.24). I just want to get a cheap GPU for my desktop which currently does not have one. I couldn't care less about fancy graphics. I'll gladly play on minimum settings. I just want to be able to play most games with a smooth frame rate. I guess you could approximate it by saying that I want to be able to play indie games and games up to say, 2014, with a smooth frame rate on the minimum settings.

    I'm looking at this "GT 250" (probably actually a "GTS 250" since their is no "GT 250" in Wikipedia's list of Nvidia cards)": R350 ($25.44)


    I'm also looking at this Ati HD 4850: R500 ($36.34)


    It has two plus points over the first card:

    1: I can be more sure of what it is since it is a Wikipedia listed graphics card.
    2: It seems to be a bit better, judging from the benchmarks.

    The question is, are these cards compatible with my power supply?

    First, their is the question of connectors. Presumably these connectors can be cheaply purchased and in any case the person I'm purchasing them from will probably hand them over with the card. What I'm concerned about is not getting the connectors but whether or not they will even be able to connect to my PSU. As I'm sure you have surmised, I know almost nothing about PSUs or connectors.

    Second, their is the question of power supply. I don't care if my PSU dies from being run at above 80% output as long as it doesn't take anything with it and it lasts for a short while; I'm sure I'll be able to afford a proper PSU in a few weeks.

    I found this offer for a PSU: 450W R150 ($10.9)


    Did I mention I'm tight on cash and know almost nothing about PSUs ? :D . I'd rather not have to buy and install this but if I have to I will.
  3. I guess I should add the specs I have:

    CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q9400S.
    Ram: Dxdiag says 4096 MB memory. It doesn't specify which DDR it is. Perhaps the ram sticks will be labelled.
    Motherboard: Not a clue, The system is a HP Compaq dx 7500 microtower, Perhaps that might help in determing the motherboard? The PSU is ATX so maybe it's a micro-ATX motherboard.
    "Graphics": Integrated. Intel G45/43 Express chipset. Yep, this machine has a bot of a bottleneck at the graphics processing :D.
  4. because it´s a HP tower, I think you can risk to use adapters. Normally I would say, spend money to get a good PSU, to not burn down your house, but I think this PSU is not a firecracker.

    The 450W PSU you posted, I wouldn´t go for it, this one really could burn everything down you own.
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