AC Switch Replacement 650w thermaltake tr2 Modular Power Supply PSU

The On/OFF switch for my Thermaltake tr2 650w died. The plastic rocker imploded into itself, well beyond rma here.

Can someone please help me out with where these blue/brown wires go on this switch???

btw, im going to get another switch-the same identical one-big bulky boat style one(home depot), its rated the same as the original one on the thermaltake


No this came with no led . Standard psu looking rocker as seen in below image
Can anyone point me to where to put the wires on my new switch???

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  1. Hello... Nice pics...
    1) give me a shot of the back of the circuit board too... at the spot of the last Picture... this will help me determining the "Common" wire color.
    2) Did the original switch have a LED/Neon or lighted?
  2. Blue to blue, brown to brown, just need to make sure which contact pairs go together on the switch when the switch contacts are closed. With the rocker in the vertical travel position, contacts on the same side of a rocker switch are usually paired together but better check that with a multimeter or diagram on the switch itself.
  3. Ironsounds said:
    1) give me a shot of the back of the circuit board too... at the spot of the last Picture... this will help me determining the "Common" wire color.

    It is a DPST switch, both live and neutral get broken by the switch so it doesn't matter.

    Blue-brown is the European color code where blue should be neutral when wired correctly and the brown wire is live, which is why you see the brown wire connect to the PCB right next to the fuse to protect against both live-neutral and live-ground shorts.
  4. Hello... Yes the "F1" was a sure sign(clue?) of brown Hot... the traces would also verify that... seeing a larger trace and path of the "Blue" wire... But sometimes I've seen "neon" rocker switches that need a 'common " return to the switch... and this wire(circuit) path would no longer be needed... SPST input? B /
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    The answer was similar to what InvalidError said.
    Incoming Blue/Brown from wall plug connect to the pins Parallel to each other(top) in below Diag.
    Outgoing (to psu) the blue and brown at the angled connections placed on pins corresponding to the blue and brown of the paralleled pins.

    Here is the source article explaining this in detail with diagrams etc. This article helped immensely.
    Article About ATX PSU wiring

    Relevant Paragraph in said article.
    The four or five wires are color-coded as follows:

    Brown and blue. These wires are the live and neutral feed wires from the 110v power cord to the power supply. These are always hot when the power supply is plugged in.

    Black and white. These wires carry the AC feed from the switch back to the power supply. These leads should be hot only when the power supply is plugged in and the switch is turned on.

    Green or green with a yellow stripe. This is the ground lead. It should be connected to the PC case and should help ground the power supply to the case.

    On the switch, the tabs for the leads are usually color-coded; if not, you'll find that most switches have two parallel tabs and two angled tabs. If no color-coding is on the switch, plug the blue and brown wires onto the tabs that are parallel to each other and the black and white wires to the tabs that are angled away from each other. If none of the tabs are angled, simply make sure the blue and brown wires are plugged into the most closely spaced tabs on one side of the switch and the black and white wires on the most closely spaced tabs on the other side.

    See Figure 3.12 as a guide.

    Figure 3.12Figure
    3.12 Power supply remote push button switch connections.


    Although these wire color-codings and parallel/angled tabs are used on most power supplies, they are not necessarily 100% universal. I have encountered power supplies that did not use the same coloring or tab placement scheme described here. One thing is sure: Two of the wires will be hot with AC wall current anytime the power supply is plugged in. No matter what, always disconnect the power supply from the wall socket before handling any of these wires. Be sure to insulate the connections with electrical tape or heat shrink tubing so you won't be able to touch the wires when working inside the case in the future.

    As long as the blue and brown wires are on the one set of tabs and the black and white leads are on the other, the switch and supply will work properly. If you incorrectly mix the leads, you will likely blow
  6. There isn't really any standard for how switch tabs are arranged, though there are only so many possible variations for miniature rocker switches that will fit in a sensible manner. The only thing that really matters is knowing which tabs are paired together in one circuit so you don't short the mains out.
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