SLOW internet despite fast speeds and internet being fine on my phone (WiFi)

This issue started a week or so ago.. but basically it's taking about 25-30 seconds to load every time I start Firefox. Typically after that the next web pages I try to go to load OK but it's still iffy and not as quick as it should and always has been. I did a Speedtest at and I'm getting 36 D / 6 U which is exactly what I'm paying for with TWC/Spectrum. Speeds are not the issue. My phone loads web pages lightning fast in my apartment on my WIFI. I'm in Columbia, South Carolina if this matters at all.

What is the deal?

I've run CCleaner, Malwarebytes and Avast's Full Virus scan about 4 times now and I don't have a virus. I even cleaned up my C: Drive and now have 202 GB available when I only had 8 GB (I had a LOT of Steam games installed). I also did Disk Cleanup. But it's still loading pages slow.... I feel it has to be a DNS issue. So I flushed the DNS cache in the command prompt but that doesn't do anything either.

I even completely reinstalled Firefox and that did nothing (and cleared all of my history, etc., etc.). This actually happens when I try Internet Explorer anyway so it's not specific to one browser or even one web page. I've done the usual things like power cycle everything and reset modem/router etc., etc. This does nothing..


AMD FX-4300 quad core @ 3.8ghz
MSI 760GM-P34 FX
EVGA GTX 750ti
Win 7 x64

I want to add that my online games are running fine as far as ping is concerned. I'm not getting any rubberbanding or lag.... so the internet itself is clearly fine. My only other issue is Overwatch is having this weird issue where my FPS stays consistently at 69/70 but then dips to 50-55 like an inverse lag spike (but an FPS dip that lasts 1 second) then goes back to 69/70. When this happens in OW it can really affect my aiming and what I'm doing. That's REALLY annoying.
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  1. try installing the newest network drivers for the network chipset for the mb. if it not that see if it a program acting like spyware. turn off all your programs in startup. see if anything changes. also update your anti virus a lot of them now drop in there own shields for web browers.
  2. So I see these listed:

    That's a new Network Driver for my mobo that was released January 2017. Should I download just that or all of the drivers listed? I should've added that on Tuesday a BAD storm came through and even though I shut down my dumb self didn't just turn the computer completely off and unplug from the wall. My mobo somehow got hit after I took it to a shop to confirm, and they replaced with the same mobo I had, which is what I listed. Wouldn't they have installed all of the newest drivers?

    If I install this driver and that's not it, where in Avast should I disable any type of shield? The newer Avast interface is a pain in the ass and I feel like it could be the culprit... I want it to stay on of course but not hinder my web browsing in any way.
  3. if it was the same mb make sure it has the newest bios on it and drivers. most shops if it posts and there no errors they wont update drivers.
  4. If you click that link I posted from my mb's web site, do I download all 16 drivers under the BIOS? And everything under Driver (PIDE/SATA, Audio, LAN, System & Chipset)?

    The newest BIOS download is from 2015... I have to think this thing is updated through 2015.
  5. What I'll do when I get home is download the Network Driver for my mobo even though I don't think that's the issue and I'll also mess around in Avast, I think it could be this Web Shield setting. If I disable the Web Shield, am I still protected with Avast running? I already use AdBlock Plus and No Script in Firefox.
  6. Anyone have a suggestion?

    Should I just download everything listed under BIOS and Drivers for Win 7 64? I don't want to mess anything up..
  7. Not everything, only the latest ones.
  8. I uninstalled GeForce Experience and the internet seems fine like normal.

  9. Does it make sense to anyone that GeForce Experience was my issue? I mean I always had it installed before and never had issues... but it would explain why my phone loaded stuff fine but my computer didn't... so it had to be a process or something on the computer, or a DNS issue. But it wasn't DNS after all.
  10. My "fix" wasn't a fix. WTF IS GOING ON!? Google back to loading slow this morning, though every time I tried to get to web pages last night it was fine. So my "fix" worked for a day..
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