Hard drive or os problem?

I have a toshiba satellite c855-s5115 that was given to me because it is either missing windows or hard drive has failed. The computer reads that the hard drive is present in bios but has the checking media failed no bootable disk error. I have tried resetting it to factory but when i click the restore button it just goes to a gray screen with black dots on it and didnt do anything else after that. Am i doing something wrong or is it the hard drive itself that needs replaced
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  1. If its got a network boot option in the bios disable it
  2. Paul NZ said:
    If its got a network boot option in the bios disable it

    It doesnt have a network boot option but i have diabled secure boot and changed it to csm boot. Which i saw in other videos. I am thinking a partition was removed or changed and it need completley reset and restored windows and whatever toshiba drivers needes
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    Boot from the OS install media.
    Windows, Linux, whatever.
    Check the drive status.

    Don't rely on what might or might not be on the drive.
  4. Reinstalled windows problem solved
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