How to Remotely access Aiport Extreme Disk using 2 routers

I have a Internet Service Company router that uses the LAN IP On this router i've connected via cable my TV, and VideoCameraSystem(DVR) - on the first router everything is working fine.
And... I have an AiportExtreme that is connected on the WAN port (cable coming from the 1 router), and the IP used to the LAN_2 is (the internet is working fine).

Ok... the point is... i would like to access the AirportExtreme Disk from outside. I've already configured the ddns server at the airport extreme internet options (use dynamic global hostname) but i don't know where to set the Ports and when i type, nothing happens.

Do i need to do anything with the first router? When i configure the ddns server it uses my WAN IP right? And after this the first router set the LAN IP as and the second router receive this on the WAN port and distribute the IP - using the ddns server i will be able to reach the second router and open the disk?

I've found a plenty of tutorials explaining how to port forward or use ddns server, but never saw it with two routers.
Anyone can help me?
I would appreciate a lot.

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  1. Two routers means you are double-NATing, you must Port Forward twice.

    Another option is, make your life easier and make one router into an Access Point and have a flat subnet then you wouldn't have to PF twice.
  2. Thanks for the answer jsmithepa.
    But to have double nat seems not to be a problem here right?
    How do i proceed to port forward twice? do i need to port forward all the devices that will be connected via wi-fi or just the airport extreme to access the disk?
    Regarding the flat subnet... unfortunately i don't know what means... could you help me? but... the point is that the internet service company router doesn't give me the option to change the router to an AP mode... it's a different configuration interface... actually, there is another way to see if it is configured as AP or Bridge?
    Thanks for the support.
  3. Ok... what i've done now it was to set the AEBs as Bridge mode. What i need to do now is port forward the static ip address of the AEBs from the 1 router right?
    What i've done: i've set the AEBs as bridge and set static IP address as
    The gateway of my 1 router is
    how do i port forward to have access to the AEBs disk remotely?
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