What GPU should I buy?

My old reliable gtx 580 finally died. So, I was wondering what gpu should I get next?
A friend of mine offered me a R9 270x for $125 as a cheap replacement considering in Uruguay this kind of hardware is overpriced up to a point of getting to pay an extra 70% in taxes. Nevertheless, a R9 270x is an overclocked 7870...

Anyway, about my question, I guess my options are between nvidia's tenth generation vs rx series via Amazon. What are you suggesting?

I'm seeing awful reviews on newegg for the rxs, explaining its overheating.

And by the way is there a huge difference between an 8/6gb and 4/3gb version if I want to keep my card for a few years? Here there's a 200 hundred dollars cap per product abroad and getting past that value means 60% extra in taxes..
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  1. Okay, so an R9 270X is about the same performance as a GTX 1050 Ti

    You can pick up a 1050 Ti for about $200 so the used 270X is not that bad of a deal. If you were fine with the GTX 580 then you will be fine with the 270X. A 1050 Ti would also be the limit of what you can get $200 so the 270X might not be a bad choice.,1582786&sort=a8&page=1
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    A 270x(ie 7870) is more like an RX 460 or GTX 1050 in real world performance. A HD 7970 or it's derivatives are like the 1050 Ti in performance. My answer on what you should do depends on the rest of the specs of your computer. Your power supply will limit your choices, and your CPU too, if they are weak.

    The 270x can still get the job done at 1080p but you will need to live with lower settings and framerate. Having 3gb or 4gb on the card means being able to use higher settings on newer games. This is assuming the card is fast enough to run those games at those higher settings with a good framerate. If you intend to keep this card for 3 more years, then the 270x is not a good choice. I would look instead at an RX 470 4gb or 1060 3gb.
  3. Used gpus are anathema. You have no guarantee on the milage, no guarantee on how many times it's been pushed to its limits, no guarantee on just how long it was pushed at higher temps, how much life the fans have left. Etc, etc, etc.

    $125 sounds like a good deal at first, but if the gpu dies in 3 months or 6 months, you really can't get your money back from your buddy. While you have the right to expect a good deal, he has the right to expect you to be a sucker. End result is you are out of cash and looking at your bud as a shifty car salesman.

    You have the budget, buy new. It's the only way to get any kind of warranty or any kind of legal recourse if things go south.
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