Looking for suggestions for my first build

So , Im from India this is my first build and my budget is 600$ or 40,000 rupees (max 45000)

I chose g4560 and rx 470 as they are the best combination. But i cant decide a motherboard . I read that the mobo's need bios update but i dont have a good internet connection. So recommend me some good mobo's .

2. And i also read that about static while building a pc , so should i be worried?

And if anyone bought parts from nehru place what was your experience?
Would love any other suggestions.

Cpu- Intel g4560
Gpu- Rx 470
Mobo- MSI B250M PRO- VDH Micro ATX LGA 1151
Ram - (2*4)Kingston ddr4
Hard Disk - Seagate 1TB
SSD - 120/240 GB Kingston/Sandisk (not sure)
PSU - 550W Corsair
Case - (not decided yet)
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    You shouldn't need a bios update to use that cpu with that motherboard since it has a 200 series chipset. While building the pc you don't really need to worry about static, but if your scared about frying your components touching something like a metal pipe or a radiator will discharge the static electricity from you.
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