PC crashed, won't post or turn on fans. Please help.

My PC crashed while I was working in Ableton, and won't post. No fans turn on or LEDs. I have a Asus x99 AII mobo, i7 5820k, 4x16gb DDR4 2133 Ripjaws, a 1080gtx, EVGA 1000 P2 Platinum power supply, and a Samsung 950 pro, 850 evo, and a 2tb HDD. There's a red light that turns on just above and to the right of the CPU, but there's no mention of it in the manual. I thought it might be to indicate problems with CPU, but theres a separate light for that to the right of the RAM slots.
I've had the machine for 8 months or so without problems. I've tried unplugging everything not needed to boot and reseating the graphics card and RAM, but nothing has worked yet.
What do I do now??
Thanks so much.
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  1. Try testing the power supply:
    See if a fan connected to it does spin.
  2. Just bought a PSU tester, found that the power supply seems to be operating correctly
  3. Remove the ram try 1 stick at a time. See if it posts
  4. 1. Follow the "no boot, no post, no video" sticky at the top of this forum.

    2. Standard debugging is to remove things until the pc posts. Start by pulling the video and see if the PC posts with the "no video" diagnostic ( i7 5820k has no integrated graphics). If it doesn't post with no video, leave the video card out and pull the disk drive power and signal cables from MB. If that won't post pull memory. Then any remaining cables like chasis fans. When you are at jsut MB, PSU and CPU+cpu fan then you need to guess and swap things.

    Note I'd guess every one of your parts is still in warranty, and they are good parts. When you find the part that (when removed) allows the PC to post you can RMA it.
  5. I've attempted all the steps (except installing motherboard speaker, which is still being shipped to me), and still nothing. Removed every component piece by piece and still nothing once I got to just MB, PSU and CPU+cpu fan.
    Should I RMA the motherboard and CPU? Or one or the other?
  6. Attempting 'no RAM' step without beeper is pointless. Wait for your beeper and repeat that step.
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    Try clearing the CMOS. If still no go, I'd RMA the board. Not sure about the CPU.
    Since no fan spinning, the speaker would not help much.
  8. Thanks for the help! I tried reseting the CMOS as well as reseating everything including the CPU and checking for physical damage. I'm attempting to RMA the board, though ASUS is being a huge pain to deal with. Took them two days and several hours (including 50 minutes on hold) for them to tell me that they are out of stock for the advance RMA and it'll take around a week minimum for them to repair my motherboard.
    The beeper should arrive in a couple hours and if that doesn't yield results I'm going to next-day a new board.
  9. Thank you for the update.
  10. As expected, the motherboard speaker made no sound. Hopefully the CPU is not blown as well
  11. Finally got a new board, and eventually figured out that one of the sticks of RAM was malfunctioning as well. PC now works fine, however I've noticed that the machine stutters whenever I boot up- the lights and fan turn on for a second before turning off, and then boot up normally a second later.
  12. Try starting the board with only CPU, CPU cooler and one RAM module installed. No other wires or components. See if still the same.
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