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When I launch games that are installed on my SSD they launch fine and run great. I have installed my old WD Black drive as a secondary HDD. I done a complete format of the drive before using it (by right clicking it and clicking format with 'quick format' unchecked) but am stilling having issues with games that are installed on it.

When I try to launch a game through Steam that is installed on my HDD Steam freezes and becomes unresponsive. Eventually Steam responds and my profile pictures turns green as if I'm playing the game.

Once the game finally opens it just sits at a black screen and nothing else happens.

I have also been having issues simply installing Steam games on this drive. The same thing happens - Steam becomes unresponsive but eventually responds and start downloading the game.

I have ran multiple Steam games on this drive and it happens with them all. Running Steam games that are installed on my SSD works completely fine.

The strange thing is that when I install Origin games onto the HDD they work fine so it's just something to do with Steam.

Any thoughts?

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  1. From what I'm reading, Steam games need to be in \Steam\Steamapps folder, and it doesn't sound like that can happen across two different drives. Have a look here:
  2. I have moved all of the HDD Steam games to a folder called Steam/Steamapps etc. but the same issues happen.

    The install directory should be fine as it worked the other night with a different HDD (which I have now returned to Amazon as I am planning on just getting another SSD). But with the exact same installation folder on this older HDD Steam doesn't want to work.

    My SSD to set to MBR and this HDD is actually GPT - would that make a difference? Also, this HDD than has been completely formatted actually has a 'recovery' partition as well as a 'EFI system' partition. Would any of this make a difference?

  3. Open steam, at the top click on view -> settings -> downloads In the download window click on Steam Library Folders and make sure steam points to any folder where you have a game saved at.

    At one point I had steam split across 3 drives, I have since replaced the 3 with a single 6TB drive.
  4. I figured out what is was. When I done format through Windows it only formatted the storage partition and kept the recovery and EFI system partitions from my previous system. This was causing issues with my new build in general and seems to also have been the issue I was having with Steam. I done a disk 'erase' using Western Digital's Data Lifegaurd program which also deleted the partitions Windows wouldn't allow me to delete. I then re-intialised the HDD to MBR and it's been smooth sailing from there.

    I have installed a couple of Half Life games and CS:GO and they all install, launch and run without any issues!

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