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So just to start off I want to say that I had run strew tests and benchmarks. My i7 7700k runs at about 75C whenever I run Aida64. And now I have a couple of questions. Which thermal compound should I use for delliding? I have some kyronaut, but I am not sure whether that stuff can be used effective. Also, are my temps even normal for a 7700k? Thank You!
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  1. 75C stock?
    For delidding you would be after something like Condutonaut (or however the heck you spell it) or Coollaboratory Liquid Ultra. using a liquid metal like one will work much better in this scenario. Just remember, delidding is a very fast way to find yourself out of a nice processor. do you have a really nice OC motherboard to warrant such a move? a good cooler?
  2. Delid should be the absolute last thing you try.

    All these before ripping pieces off the top of the CPU:

    Better cooling device
    Different paste
    Case air flow situation
    OC to the point where it absolutely will not go any farther, AND this is because it is reaching the actual thermal limit.
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    I don't recommend or endorse delidding as many who attempt fail , but this is a decent video.
  4. So is 75C on an h100i v2 normal or is that too high? I remember that when I installed it, the water block and the CPU had touched and then came off multiple times. This could lead to air bubbles. But would this cause a huge difference in temperature?
  5. At stock, that seems on the high side, air bubbles could indeed be causing that.
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