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Just recently getting back into pc gaming trying to combine 2 pcs to make a better gaming rig but need a new motherboard and gpu. I have a i7 4790 (non k version) 128g ssd 1tb hdd 8gb of ddr3 and a evga 430w psu. My current pc with the i7 in it is a Dell SFF optiplex 9020 I picked up for cheap mostly for the cpu. The psu is weak only 200w or so and limits my gpu selection due to power heat and size. I want to combine it into my old atx case with 430w psu but I am unsure of which motherboard would be best for me as I haven't been keeping up with pc world for 8 years or so. I'm trying to upgrade the motherboard for as cheap as possible and I understand that the z97 boards are mainly for OC. There are indeed cheaper h97 boards but if I can get a good z97 board for only $20 or so more I feel it would be worth it for future upgrades. The gpu I'm looking at is the 1050ti. Looking to spend around $200 to $250 for board and gpu.
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    This question now seems clear than your previous one, so, I'll answer it (again).

    What you currently own is a powerful CPU that is capable of running the GTX 1050Ti that you want with ease (even up to a GTX 1080 given a better PSU in the future). Having said that, you might not need to get a Z97 motherboard because 1) you can't use its OC features with your current i7-4790, and 2) the only upgrade path is a single-step up to the i7-4790K (which, in my opinion, is not worth it - even for just $20 more, given that you already have an equally powerful i7-4790 capable of handling a powerful GPU).

    Since it's now clear in the reposted question that you already own an old ATX case, I would try to check if the Q87 motherboard (of the Dell SFF Optiplex 9020) would fit in there. This way, you won't need to upgrade your motherboard (and, possibly, your OS) as the whole idea is just to transfer your entire system (minus the 200W PSU) to a new chassis.

    According to the OptiPlex 9020 specs sheet ( the motherboard for both MT and SFF versions can support optional discrete graphics.

    As I mentioned before, if your OptiPlex SFF motherboard has a PCIe2.0 x16 slot, getting a GPU with a PCIe3.0 x16 interface would be backward-compatible. Though, the GPU will run "slower", it won't be noticeable.

    So, your $200-$250 budget can be used entirely for just the GTX 1050Ti you want (or a more powerful GPU + a better PSU).

    Most new GTX 1050Ti ranges from $130 to $167:

    Alternatively, you can get a more powerful RX 480 4GB for less than $200: and a new better-quality PSU for about $55: --> This 2 components are well within your budget and would have more performance and better pairing with your current i7-4790.
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