Prebuild vs Self built - which one of these is the better value?

I had my heart set on building my own PC and here were the parts:

Grand total of £1150.

However, after looking around I discovered this:

Total: £1077 = £1340 when you add the monitor/peripherals

As you can see you get a better CPU, more ram, more storage as well as wifi and windows (not including monitor or keyboard/mouse). Is this stuff worth the ~£200 more than my current part list? Is there a massive performance increase? Will I actually require the i7-7700 and 16GB? Just want something to play games on for years to come.

Am I missing something here? Its late where i am so my brain has probably stopped working.. Is the prebuilt one better value than my current configuration? I know the sentimental value of building your own counts for something but....
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  1. CORSAIR VS450 POWER SUPPLY in the prebuilt is poor quality , Build your own it's the way to proceed.
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  2. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    CORSAIR VS450 POWER SUPPLY in the prebuilt is poor quality , Build your own it's the way to proceed.

    I was leaning towards that but just wanted to check to make sure I wasn't missing a crazy deal with the cpu and extra ram/storage
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  3. thing with some prebuilts is there maybe no real upgrade path any upgrade you do is all your own risk . the prebuilt manufactures only guarantees there computers work as sold to you as is out of the box from there factory with what they put on it , not a drop more

    there in business to sell you whole ready to go computers , and dont worry about you upgrading them or giving you support to do so . thats not how they make there money they prefer you run to wal-mart and buy there ''better'' latest models

    how many guys buy a nice GPU for there dell acre or hp / whatever just to find its never going to work in it
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    The build you put together on PCPartPicker looks pretty solid to me. Since you won't be overclocking the CPU, you could go with the stock Intel CPU cooler. If it is too loud for you, you can add an aftermarket cooler later. I would recommend the Seasonic G series Gold PSU (semi-modular). Also, you can add a SSD later, but be prepared to reinstall Windows, unless you create a partition on your HDD equal to or less than the size of the SSD you buy (for the Windows Partition), then you can clone from the HDD to the SSD.
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