No MOBO Boot/bios

Hey! So here's my problem....

When i boot my computer it's just a black screen all the way up to my windows login(Windows 10)

I just built the computer today, and i noticed this after installing the graphics card drivers. I no longer get the MSI MOBO boot screen and when i spam Del to get into bios it seems to go to bios but it's a black screen i cannot see anything. I'm thinking something to do with resolution is causing the problem. Any thoughts?

The MoBo is msi z270 sli Plus
the GPU is GTX 960
CPU i7 7700k

Any help would be apreciated i want to update my bios some time soon, my theory on why the Hue+ isn't working. lol

EDIT: I've tried using the HDMI on the MoBo to boot from i just get no signal.
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  1. did you use an anti-static wrist strap?
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  2. mrmike_49 said:
    did you use an anti-static wrist strap?

    Yes sir was cheap so figured id grab them
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  3. Fixed, simply leaving it powered off for 20 seconds and starting it up works. Odd.
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    you have two errors one is an old bios the other is video settings not right in the bios. pull the gpu and when you get on bord video and get into the bios update it. then go back under primany display set it to peg/pci and turn on mulit monitor support to turn on both video gpu. at boot the mb should post frist from gpu and leave onboard video on for you.
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