run wow legion on max settings?

would this pc setup be able to run wow legion on max setting no problem?

Cpu - i7 4790
Gpu - ASUS Radeon RX 480 Overclocked 4GB GDDR5
Motherboard - ASRock H97M Pro4 LGA1150 mATX
Psu - evga 430w +80
Ram - 8gb ddr3 1333

thanks in advance for help
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  1. more than enough for max settings. i'd personally go with a gtx 1060 over an rx480.
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  2. Yes it would. I also agree on the GTX 1060. That hardware is a bit old, and that PSU is junk.
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  3. +1 on the psu being junk. definitely will need an upgrade for a 1060 or rx480. My 4th gen i7-4790k is still running strong, however if you are building this new, consider 6th or 7th gen.
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