Upgraded CPU and RAM, Now Wi-Fi Not Working Well?

I just recently upgraded my RAM and CPU from 16 GB 2133 DDR4 and 6700 non-K to 7700K and 32GB 2666 DDR4 and after a successful boot I noticed some strange anomalies. First the GPU driver wasn't installed. After reinstalling it my monitor setup was working just fine. Afterwards I noticed that my internet wasn't connected to Wi-Fi. I checked the Wi-Fi connections and only one connection was showing which I didn't recognize. I checked my phone's Wi-Fi and verified that my regular home connection was detected and working just fine. I reinstalled the Wi-Fi drivers for the board and tried creating a hotspot on my phone and it was able to connect just fine. I'm concerned as to how it's able to connect to a hotspot but not be able to detect my home connection or any other local Wi-Fi connection. For context I'm running Window's 10 with the Creators update and using a Corsair 250D case with a H100i cooler. I suspect one factor at the moment might be the way the cooler was installed. The cooler was a struggle to fit inside of the case, but I managed to fit it in with part of the bottom tube laying just about the Wi-Fi box on the board. I I'll be testing some more programs and temps near the end of the day, but this is the main concern at the moment. Help would be greatly appreciated
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  1. UPDATE: Wi-Fi seems to be working fine now. One of the two antennas went loose after installing the H100i. after re-inserting one of the wires into the proper area, everything was able to connect. Right now I'm having a few more issues after testing unrelated to the main thread, but I'll post that in a separate thread.
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