Completely dead PC

Hi guys.

First of all thank you for taking time to drop by!
Yesterday i reseated my CPU cooler with new thermal paste and so on. (Yes i cleaned it with +90% alcohol)

What is also did was to add washers to the backplate of the H110i GTX mouting bracket duo to heat problems.

After i had put the pieces back together the PC wont boot. Fans are not starting - Nothing is running! The only thing i can verify the there is the standby green led on mobo is on.
I've tried everyting - Reseating everything, tried another PSU resseting CMOS via jumper, pulled out memory and testet with only 1 stick.

I got bent CPU pins, but that have been there for a long time, without any bad effect besides i cant run dualchannel.

By mistake is accidently pulled out the 12pin ATX connector with the power on, and suddenly there was light in my CPU cooler for a breif second. I can only get a breif light by doing this.

I have lifted my CPU to see that there is bent pins og the mobo socket, but there has been that for a long time without any issues.

Please help me guys! - My thoughts right now i that is either the CPU or MOBO

My specs:
Intel core i7 4790k
Asus z97-m plus
650w Corshair PSU
Asus gtx 1080
Corshair 110i GTX
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  1. mathiasroed100592 said:
    What is also did was to add washers to the backplate of the H110i GTX mouting bracket duo to heat problems.

    Rubber washers?
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    I'm suspecting that the motherboard is not in a good condition now, or your CPU was shorted by the bended pins when you reinstalling the cooler.
    Did you see some burn marks on your CPU or smell something just burned?

    There is a chance that the bended pins is making contact to another pins when you reinstalling the cooler and added some rubber washers on it.
    With the rubber washer installed, the CPU gets more pressure from the cooler and when the CPU is pressed downwards the pins make contact to your CPU, maybe the bended pins is touching another pin or contacting wrong CPU pins, and resulting that your PC refuses to boot.
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  4. You might be right! - I havent seen any burn marks on the CPU og smell anything.
    I going to test another motherboard tonight !

    Thanks for helping! i will report back later.
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