Help me plug the cables from a psu to a motherboard

I have a msi h110m-pro-d and the psu is corsair vs550 help me plug the cables.I got no idea what to do
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  1. Use motherboard / PSU manual and YouTube videos for building a PC..That will give you a visual assistance and help with your task.
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  2. The motherboard and the psu didn't come with clear instructions and youtube doesn't do much for me
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    From the pic above

    The top line , 24 pin atx goes to the big 24 pin slot atcthe front of the board below the ram.
    It will only fit one way & will lock down once pushed in.

    The 4 pin EPs CPU cable goes into the 4 pin socket above & to the left of the CPU socket.

    On the vs550 this will be on a cable with another 4 pin plug , these can be slotted together for when a board requires 8 pin power.

    Yours is 4 pin only , only one of those cables will fit & it will only fit in one orientation .
    Unless you are stupidly heavy handed you can't plug the wrong one in or the wrong way around.
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  4. Does the hdd require any power from the psu?
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  5. You can go to YouTube and look up Carey Holzman on computer builds. He has many videos that help guide you through connecting the PSU to all your components.
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  6. Quote:
    Does the hdd require any power from the psu?

    Yes. This is from your PSU manual.

    Step B: Installing the Corsair power supply
    5. Connect the peripheral cables, PCI-Express cables, and SATA cables.
    B. Connect the SATA cables to your SATA SSD or hard drive's power sockets.

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