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Ok, so yesterday, my pc crashed, usually when this happens, I just reboot and go, but this time, my audio was broken. Normally in my tray there is the realtek hd audio manager, but it was not there this time. My headphones were plugged into the 3.5mm jack, but were not being detected. I went into my device manager and found a code 10 on my hd audio controller (under system devices) I have tried the following so far to fix it:

Re-install latest drivers
Reset PC and install new drivers for everything
Going into regedit to delete UpperFilter and LowerFilter - they were not there
Uninstall device and check for updates.

None of these have worked. Help, please!

Specs (if they help)
Intel Core i5 6500
Sapphire RX480 NITRO+
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  1. It may have failed. Try connecting your headphones to the monitor if it has a 3.5mm socket- GPUs have their own sound controllers, and monitors/TVs usually have DAC. You may have to set the monitor as default playback device in sound options for it to work.
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