Is dell Inspiron 7559 i7 model good?

I am getting it for pkr 90000 (858.4101 US Dollar) in pakistan, Is it a good laptop to buy? What is your opinion and any suggestions for laptops are welcome with 850$ budget. My focus is performance and gaming.
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  1. You don't really need an i7 to play games, an i5 is fine for playing games. An extremely low number of games actually takes advantage of Hyper Threading in the i7. The only game I know of is Overwatch.

    The GTX 960m was considered the lowest performing GPU to get in a gaming laptop when it was new. Now it is the GTX 1050 assuming there is one in your price range.
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  2. I searched one with 1050 a lot but they are priced 30% to 50% more that is not possible for me to buy. Difference between i5 and i7 for said laptop is 8000 pkr which is approx $76.3. Should I save that 8k for RAM? But in i7 RAM can be upgraded latter but CPU is one time deal. So what do you recommend i5 or i7? Another difference between 2 is that on i5 display is matte and on i7 it is glossy. I don't sit in reflections and I am unaware of any other difference in matte and glossy finish expect reflections.
    I will try to get laptop with 1050 even if I find one used/refurbished. But the problem is if I don't find, should I go with 7559 and in which config? i5-6300HQ or i7-6700HQ. Thank you :)
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    If all you do is play games then an i7 is not necessary. The vast majority of games do not make use of Hyper Threading (HT). If you use programs like video editors that can make use of HT, then it would be worth having an i7 because HT can improve video encoding performance.

    8GB of RAM will be enough for most people including gamers. There maybe a handful of games that recommends more than 8GB of RAM, but I don't know them off hand. If you have a lot of programs open or work with very large files, then having 16GB of RAM or more can be beneficial.
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  4. I got new laptop on this Saturday, hell of a wait!. I bought Dell 7567 wiht 1050 Ti and 1080p display. Its great, thanks for preventing my from buying my first choice. Can you suggest what anti virus should I put on it? I got free 1 year Mcafee license as separate. Should I use it or other one? Thanks
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  5. jaguarskx said:

    Thanks man exactly my thoughts that why I didn't installed Mcafee. I appreciate your help!
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