CPU at 100% usage in The Wither 3

Hi all,

The issue I'm having is when I am in Novigrad there is a slight stutter it's not a massive issue but I'd like some clarity on what is actually happening and what the cause / soloution would be.

When I go in not so busy areas such as Velen, Hanged mans tree etc... it is absoloutely fine my guess is it's the cpu that's the issue but I'm not that well versed in this to be honest.

My current spec is:

CPU: intel i5 6500
GPU: evga gtx 1080
RAM: Corsair LPX 16GB (2133Mhz)
Monitor: Dell S2716DG (1440p)

Would I benefit from upgrading my cpu to the i5 6600k and apply an overclock?

Thanks for reading :)
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    uninstall geforce experience
    Mainboard BIOS up to date?
    nvidia drivers up to date?

    run 3dmark timespy (free demo), click on compare result online and post the upcoming link
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