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Hi, i recently found an old Asus DirectCU II GTX 580 and i was planning to put it in an old desktop pc lying around to make a quick half-decent gaming pc. When checking if the pc had the correct power cables, i found out that there were only two pci-e 6 pin connectors while the 580 requires two 8 pin connectors. What can i do? Is there some sort of adaptor i can use, or do i have to bu an 8 pin connector? Any help would be appreciated
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    There are adapters available for your problem, but I really don't recommend them, they could damage your power supply and it may not run on it's full potential.
    You'd be better off with a new power supply.
  2. Yes, such adapters exist but I would be more concerned about whether or not your PSU can handle the 244+ watt card, not just as the overall wattage rating of the PSU, but in a single rail if it is a dual-rail design.
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