Pls help PSU wattage !

My PC : (Dual monitor)

CPU: Intel Pentium G4560

GPU: Gigabyte nvidia 1050 ti oc

MOBO: Asrock B150 Pro4 LGA 1151

Ram: Corsair Vengence DDR4 (2x4gb)

HDD: WD Blue 7200rpm 1TB

Case: Corsair carbide spec-01 (2x120mm Fan)

Will EVGA Bronze 500w enough for this thing ? , because i'm new to PSU calculation :(
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    your system will draw less than 200W, its more than enough, i would og for this PSU
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  2. Will it do any damage if i pick 500w ?
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  3. no, i would always go for 500+ just to be future proof if u decide to upgrade your rig in the future for high end components
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  4. OK then thanks :)
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