Is my GPU the problem?

Recently my house experienced a power surge which damaged my PC. Since then my computer has been randomly powering down, not booting and freezing with audio distortion. Are these issues common with a malfunctioning graphics card?

Under my insurance I am able to receive replacements for every component. I would be able to choose a GTX 1080 however i am concidering getting a 1070 instead to SLI with my current 1070. So I would like to know if my current graphics card contains a fault.
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  1. Test your graphics card in another computer (that has not been damaged by power surge).
  2. I doubt its the gpu, what makes you think that? If you had a power surge and your computer started malfunctioning right after, the most obvious culprit is the power supply.
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    With a power surge the PSU is the most likely item to get damaged but the comment about freezing and audio distortion makes me think you may have suffered damage to the motherboard. Without swapping parts out it is impossible to say for sure.
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