NIC stopped detecting cable after i unplugged it

Windows defender warned me of a potentially unwanted programme that i allowed ignorantly, now my computer cannot detect a network cable. The cable is ok. Before it was working just fine. Could my nic be fried or is this a malware problem?
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  1. Many times malware removal stuff deletes things that make you machine not work properly. This stuff is massively complex since you likely don't know what program it was or what the defender tried to do to fix it.

    I would attempt to reinstall the device drivers for your nic card. Unfortunately many times the only way to fix this is to reinstall the OS. You could try to look up what the program that was detected does. Many times there is a lot of discussion on how to manually remove those. You might figure out what the defender did. Still many times it will take you less time to just reinstall than to dig around trying to fix it. Most times you can reinstall over the top and not lose any of your will of course have to reinstall things but it should still be on the disk.
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