Need help for CPU and GPU temps

My idle for my cpu in game is 60-70
and for my GPU its around 60-70 to
I have AMD FX 8350 4 GHz and GIGABYTE GTX 960 Windforce OC
Are this is good temps??
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  1. Fine for your GPU, but I would suggest getting a better CPU cooler, as that is high for the CPU.
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  2. Do you think a watercooler is better?
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  3. If you dont plan to overclock, then something like the CM 212 evo, is cheap and will give you much better temps.
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    60-70 is at the high end for AMD, i have the same CPU , i am running a liquid cooler now as have overclocked my CPU , but had an arctic freezer 13 ( and my temps never got above 50 whilst gaming , the stock fan supplied is as much use as a ubisoft server
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