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So my old Compaq laptop just died and I'm looking to buy a new laptop mainly for office applications, web browsing and movies. I already have a decent new PC so I don't need it for gaming or more demanding tasks. I'm stuck between this three :
LENOVO IdeaPad 110-15IBR for 300$
CPU: Pentium Quad Core N3710 1.60Ghz (Burst 2.56GHz)
SSD: 128gb
RAM: 4gb
GPU: Integrated Intel HD 405
Resolution: 1366 x 768

ACER Aspire ES1-532G which has the same CPU, RAM and screen resolution as Lenovo but has a 500gb HDD instead of 128gb SSD and a non integrated GeForce 920MX(2gb) GPU for a price of 330$.

Or HP 255 (W4M47EA) which again has 4gb RAM and 500gb HDD but has an AMD Quad-Core A6-7310 CPU and Radeon R4 integrated graphics and FullHD screen for 320$.

All three are 15.6" laptops and don't care for the price so much and I like the Lenovo best but can't really decide. Note that I will most likely expand the RAM to 8gb by the end of the year. So which one should I buy?
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  1. I'd go with the Aspire. I've had limited experience with any Radeon-powered laptops, but from everything I've been told, they're subpar at best. You at least know you're getting some good performance, as seen here-

    - and, since you're not doing much gaming, it will help accelerate anything you might need the 920MX for. :)
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    I would look into dell series 3000 intel or amd cpu,
    Dell permits monthly financing for like 20-25/month, so you can actually get a nicer laptop and pay over time. just a though.
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  3. Lenovo Ideapad actually is a pretty good choice. I just wanna ask, if you don't care about the price then why not get an upgraded one right away?
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  4. Because sodimm RAM is expensive as hell in my country(Serbia) and I'm not sure if I'll need 8gb just for office and web browsing. But I use Chrome for web browsing usually have open up to 12-14 tabs(main reason I opted for quad's instead of dual cores) and few notepad or word and PowerPoint pages open at the same time and RAM helps it a lot.
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