ddr4 vs ddr5

which is better/ is there much diffence
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    DDR5 isn't out yet so no one can say. If you mean GDDR4 & GDDR5 then GDDR5 is better.
  2. DDR4 is available today, DDR5 has not even reached the preliminary spec stage yet and won't be available to consumer for another 3-4 years.

    So if you need memory for a PC, DDR4 is your only option.

    Also, DDR4 is still catching up with high-end DDR3 in terms of clock frequencies and timings, which means the net gains are close to zero if we compare the best cases of both technologies. DDR4's main benefit is lower power for similar performance. I doubt DDR5 will be much of a different story.
  3. ddr4 vs ddr5?

    wins ddr4

    ddr5 dosn't exist yet

    only in the form of gddr5 for the gpus we buy lately
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