Help, will this run overwatch?

I'm a bit inept when it comes to all this stuff, I am getting my friend overwatch for his birthday and I don't want him to suffer FPS wise. His specs are:
CPU: AMD FX 6300
GPU: GTX 1050
650 watt
Thank you for helping.
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  1. Should run fine. I have a system similar and can run it around 60 fps.
  2. To know for sure:
    This sites scans your specs and determines where your system is similar to minimum or recommended specs (it shows those as well). You can also see what you might need to upgrade. It also has other games you can check to see if it works or not.
  3. Yes, it will run wonderfully.
    "Will this PC run this game?" Answered in a more or less complicated manner.
    Whether a PC can run a game and how well it will do at it depends on multiple factors. Some of these factors play a bigger role than others. Remember, if the game you are interested in hasn't been released yet and there are no benchmarks out there, this... Read More
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    I run Overwatch on Ultra with 60-70 FPS consistently on:

    well look at my specs in my signature to the bottom right of this post.
  5. Overwatch is extremely well optimised and runs like a dream even on lower end systems.

    Well done blizzard
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