New Parts for a Gaming Build ( G4560 or Xeon X5650? )

New Parts for a Gaming Build ( G4560 or Xeon X5650? )

Now, you can currently find my parts for a build right here featuring the G4560 below.

I'm thinking of switching to the Xeon X5650 Since it's way more of a beast than the G4560, and the lowest price i found it at ( used, but not damaged ) was £22, literally half the price. And if you wanted 2 of these CPU's, ( used, not damaged ) it was going for £42. Still lower than the G4560 for two of these badass CPU's.

My only problem is, pcpartpicker doesn't have the Xeon X5650, so i added it there manually.

And it doesn't know what's compatible with it. I know that the X5650 Only has support for DDR3 memory at 800/1066/1333 Memory Types.

( More info at )

I already have 6GB Of ram in my system right now, and i feel like it would be a nuisance not to upgrade to atleast 12 GB of Ram to pair up with this beast of a CPU.

I made a configuration to my setup with case+psu since those sold out whenever i logged on today.

This here is the new build with the Xeon X5650.

Only problem, i can't find a motherboard that supports all this. DDR3 1333 8GB ( 2x4 ) Ram + Existing DDR3 Ram ( 6 GB in my computer ) = 14 GB Ram

And the Xeon X5650 Processor.

Also, the case which i selected shows Micro-ATX Motherboards, so... that's problem 2.

Anyone got suggestions on how to make this work or is it too much hassle and i should just stick with the G4560 for simplicity?

Thanks in advance,

- HybridWolf

( Also, i want to keep a budget of £350 Maximum, preferably keeping the price at £300 )

( Edit : I will update Case and Power supply on G4560 if i choose to go down that route )
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    The reason the x5650 is so cheap is because x58 motherboards are rare and expensive.

    I recently upgraded from an X5650, it was in an Asus p6t with 3x4gb ddr3 in triple channel. Overclocked it to 3.8ghz and it was a beast, tores through games like a champ.

    That said, unless you can get a fantastic deal on an old motherboard then just stick with the g4560. You'll get loads of stuff that wasn't around back in 2010 like usb 3.0 & sata III, and you'll get 12 months warranty on the new parts.
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  2. Uh. So, several problems as far as I can see.

    For one, you're comparing a low-end CPU to two older server CPUs. Of course it's going to be more powerful, even if they are older. Two Xeon server CPUs, which aren't even the same socket type, that's how generation they are, will outmatch a single dual-core quad-thread Pentium anyday, for a long ways back. But, that's based on computational power, and the fact that they're meant to work in twos. Your list uses B250 board, which is a 6TH/7TH gen Intel board, or an LGA 1151. Which would work with the G4560, but not the Xeon. That would be LGA 1136. Again, just to remind you, you're comparing a server socket from 2010 with a new Pentium from this year, first quarter. They're not even the same socket type, and the limitations with RAM will put you further back. Only getting to use moderate speed DDR3 vs better TDP and higher clock DDR4 with the Pentium means that, even when in dual-CPU apples-to-apples comparison, the Pentium will usually come out on top. You're trying to justify an old system's longevity by comparing it to a low-end CPU, that just doesn't match up.
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  3. here is the list of possible boards that are compatible with your cpu

    gluck finding one.
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  4. if you plan to make a dual xeon your problem is psu and mainboard

    not ram

    also go to 16 gbs of ram, for a beast it should be like this

    microatx board for two xeons?

    what socket are those 1366?

    your problem is psu, mainboard and case, it is a definitively doable project but the main problem is the cost and size of the mainboard

    now, the pentium, it is a more futureproof project for price, availability of mainboards in microatx size and upgradibility of cpu to a i7 later
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  5. Dual cpu doesn't lend itself to gaming anyway, if you're going that route look for single socket
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  6. I'm mostly looking for a single-cpu slot in a motherboard that supports this cpu.
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  7. Well, i searched through multiple site's for motherboards that support this cpu and all of them are £130+. I'm going to end up using my G4560 Setup i guess.
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  8. HybridWolf said:
    I'm mostly looking for a single-cpu slot in a motherboard that supports this cpu.

    Any LGA 1136 board will use it, but it's optimized to work with another one of itself on a server board. That's the reason the current-gen Pentium is better at the moment, because even with only two cores, it's optimized more-so than the Xeon. To have the most effectiveness from the Xeon, you'd like to have a server board, and even if you had two CPUs pumping at the same time, the cooling solution would be impractical, you'd have to find a case to fit such a board, the RAM and system specs are outdated by today's standards, and, in general, it's a very big hassle. =X5460 benchmarks. =Pentium G4560 benchmarks.
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  9. Okay, it's decided that i'm going to be using G4560 Instead of the Xeon X5650.

    Thanks for all your help guys.
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  10. still, looks like a fun project, a shame the cost of the mainboard
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  11. Very much true.

    That cpu and gpu would run so good together...

    Maybe once i get enough money, ( £500 Maybe ) I could make this build, would be fun to try and would last a long time.
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  12. As much as I loved my x5650, I think you made the right choice mate. Much better upgrade path with the g4560 too
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  13. I preferably would've gone down the x5650 route, but due to prices on the motherboards and such, i wont bother.

    Thanks for your help
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