Does this case look good with LED fans

I've been looking for a case for one of my friends, and i found the BitFenix Comrade. I was wondering if I put LED fans at the front, would you see it (it looked partially covered at the front)

Thanks for your help
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    You wouldn't be able to see the light at all judging by the pictures. The case doesn't have a window so you wouldn't see it from the inside either. Have you already bought this case, because if not I'd say get a different one if you like aesthetics. If not then that case is fine. I'd recommend this if you have a mATX motherboard:
    For an ATX motherboard I'd say this one (for a few more dollars):
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  2. if you look at these images they have led inside on the front, but they only reflect inside the case , not seeping light forward like your thinking.
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