Keyboard cable broke, looking for repair??

Basically the detachable cable from my CM masterkey pro L broke.
I'm looking for a new one and was wondering if it could be ANY cable (basically that all cables would produce the same signal/speed ETCCCC ??? ) if so then i'll be buying a cheap "braided" cable ( even tho the cheap ones break fast most of the times , or atleast the ones from this dutch store called "action") if not could you guys link me a cheap cable for my keyboard ? ( i live in NL)
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  1. Not really anything special about a Micro USB cable.
  2. Eximo said:
    Not really anything special about a Micro USB cable.

    so i bought a cheap one and while it does light up it doesnt type, idk same happens with the normal cable that has been '"opened" up and bit bended
  3. I found out what it was, Yes the price does matter, but that's only when you can't be sure wether it doesnt have any "voltage drops' Since one of the cables is broken it obviously won't be bringing as much VOLT to the keyboard and only enough to let it light up.

    And since the cheap one i bought (which was 2.5meters long, braided and only 1 euro or so) wasn't a good cable internally it couldn't produce as much volt and wasn't consistent (From videos i've seen its a <removed> cable and useless for <removed> like a keyboard that might need a lot of volt.

    <removed by moderator>
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