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Hey everyone. I've completed a new build, but getting a little bit of trouble when it comes to calibrating my computer to the display.

I'm using a Nvidia 1060 on my LCD-LED 40' Sony Bravia TV, HDMI to HDMI.

I'm just curious what you guys think are the best options out of these, coming from the Nvidia Control Panel:

-8 bpc vs 12 bpc
-RGB vs YCbCr444
-Limited vs Full

If I choose YCbCr444, it forces the Dynamic Range to limited.

My TV does have the option to either go Limited or Full in it's dynamic range settings. Which I found strange, since I read that a lot of TVs only have limited. This TV was on the higher end though when I bought it back in the day, so I'm sure that helped.

I've also read that TV = Limited, and Monitor = Full. Since my TV can go full though, should I be going with that?

I'm not really sure what the differences are between 8 bpc vs 12 bpc though. Most people talk about comparing all sorts of different things when it comes to this, but those are my only 2 options.

I've been reading a bit about something called Display Port. I've always just stuck with HDMI since it was just plug-in and play, but if DP is superior, I'll switch to that if it's easy enough. My computer has the input for DP, but my TV only supports HDMI / VGA / Component. So I'm not sure if getting a DP adapter and VGA Cables will be superior compared to HDMI?

I know it's a lot of questions, but if anyone can give me any input or feedback, I would really appreciate it.

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  1. "when I bought it back in the day"

    Without the specific model of the TV it's impossible to say for sure, but if you bought it 'back in the day' then I doubt it has all the higher end capabilities, such as 12 bpc. Personally with stuff like this I'd calibrate the more basic setup, study how it looks, then re-calibrate using the higher settings to compare.

    8 bpc, YCbCr444, limited is where I'd start. YCbCr444 mode switches it to limited because that's the standard TV setting. If your model of TV can work in monitor mode then switching those things might yield better results.
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  2. Hey, thanks for your response!

    Sorry, my bad for not posting it.

    The model number is


    I've tried calibrating with the different setting in place for hours, and it gets too a point where everything just starts looking either same or worse as I get stressed out.

    Basically I was coming here too see what people thought "should be" the best based out the GPU and display, and see the difference between that and the way I have it set now. I also wanted too see if I could learn more about Display Port, and if my TV could even process it correctly. If it'd be easier to just use that with VGA, I'd rather just pay $50 or however much is it too get better results.

    Do TVs right now even come with DP inputs? Or is that still something that's stuck to monitors?

    Any other feedback is really appreciated. Thanks!
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