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I currently have no GPU and am on integrated graphics as i am quite new to PCMR and didn't have quite enough funds for a gpu when i built my pc. I have a i5-7600k and am looking to get either a gtx 1060 or 1070. Would it make sense to get a 1070 even though my monitor is 60hz 1080p and i really only play esport games like csgo, rb6, and OW or should i just save my money and get a 1060. If so which 1060 or 1070 would you recommend?
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  1. For the games you are playing at 1080p a 1060 would be more than enough.
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    I'd save the money. Get either a Radeon Rx 580 8GB or GeForce GTX 6GB. Either should last you a few years given your current uses. There isn't much difference between the two. So get whichever is cheaper.

    If you have a regular size PC case. Go with a dual or triple fan model. They are quieter. If you have a small case get a blower style to get hot air out ASAP.

    If your case has only one fan. Look at getting a second fan. Most cases take 120mm. The Arctic F12 PWM is an excellent value for air flow, quiet operation and high pressure.
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  3. Yeah, save money and go for rx580 8gb or gtx1060 6gb. If going for 580, make sure you have good enough PSU, as it needs more power then 1060.
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