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Guys i have i5 3470 with 1050ti.
I should max out watchdogs 1.
Ihave 8 gb ram.It give me 50-60 and sometimes 80 fps but stutters too.What can i do about this stuttering????
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  1. Why should you be able to max it out?

    If you look at the recommended specs you don't have an 8 thread CPU and your 1050ti isn't as powerful as a GTX780/R9 290. You have much better than the minimum, but I'm guessing the slow downs is because you don't have the power needed to max everything out.
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  2. Brother on gtx 660 2gb i played thks game on ultra without any slow downs..
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  3. From the suggested requirements I don't see how that's possible at 1080.

    If you really do have the hardware to play the game maxed out, my next guess would be heat throttling. What are your CPU and GPU temps?
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  4. Its 87 for cpu and 67 for gpu
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    There you go, that's the problem. 87C is much to high for the CPU. Try cleaning the heatsink and making sure the fan is spinning.
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  6. Thanks mate
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