GTA IV microstutter and spikes

I have microstutter and spikes in GTA IV. Lowering resolution or graphics settings does not help, only lowering view/detail distance reduces spikes. Game is on a 10yr old HDD. My other specs are Intel Pentium G4400 @3.3ghz, GTX 1050, 8GB DDR4 2133mhz ram, H110M pro-vd mobo and Windows 7 Pro 64bit. The game detects my gpu, I have tried launch options. Is there any other way to get rid of these annoying spikes? Waiting, thanks! :)
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    just get a SSD - GTA is a good example where a game profits from faster SSD.

    Your spikes result most likely from the low performance of your HDD - as the game has to reload tons of textures from the drive to the memory and process it - to give you a smooth looking gaming experience - but the HDD is just slow and even worse it has an awfull response time - which means, there are several milliseconds gone before it even starts to transfer the requested textures to the rest of the system :-/

    this combined with an older dual core would very well explain your problems and the point that it helps to reduce the view range - as by that the game needs to reload less material from HDD.

    conclusion - get yourself a SSD - 120 GB is enough for system + 1 game - i would suggest to go for 240 / 256 GB as this is sweetspot for performance and price - currently.
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