I need an expert/professional help.

Hi guys.

short story, I'm making my first Desktop build.

after some research i feel that my build will be centering around ROG Maximus IX Formula & intel core i-7 7700k

I do intend to venture and go for overcloak so i guess that im in the right direction.

now im going to use a 1920*1080 monitor so i think a gtx 1060 would be enought for maximum perfomance at those resolutions (correct me if im wrong) later on ill buy a better screen and might upgrade the GPU.

for ram i have really no knowledge about what to get.

as for hard disk i will use SSD 512GB samsung 960 pro.

aside of that idk what really to put in a desktop any other important misc to add
like water cool or type of fans or what type of power supplier . . you get the idea.

i would like to try watercooling for quite operation but once again im new to this so idk how smart would it be. . .

and to finish im going to fit everything in a 900D corsair case so i can have plenty of space for anything.

thanks in advance for any advice , help or guidance.
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    a few pointers, a 1060 is fairly under powered, even at 1080p, I would suggest at least a 1070, and depending on budget a 1080. Assuming this is a gaming machine you want high fps, and GPU is where that comes from, so you would be spending possibly 40% of your budget on a GPU.
    Another point, the 900D is a MASSIVE case, and if you like it for how it looks then the 750D would be perfect. The 900D is great if youre going for a massive custom built water loop, but even then I would go for other cases. Thats just preference tho (and price).

    What is your budget and currency, as well as prefered colour schemes, and ill look at what you can get
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