Resell price zotac gtx680 4gb special edition

Just as the title states, what's a fair Resell price for a zotac gtx680 4gb special edition that's never been overclocked, well maintained and babbied for its entire use?
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  1. Those are all 2gb version unfortunately also anyone can set a buy it now price so I'm worried they're too subjective, trying to figure out a "fair" resell price for a "like" new 4gb "assassins creed(almost certain)" version
  2. I've been told try checking the completed ebay auctions for the same/similar model card. Been a LONG time since I've personally sold anything on ebay, though.
  3. Those are completed listings. Sure anyone can set whatever price they want, but thats the price cards are being purchased at. You can price it higher and test your luck.
  4. Yeah I was only hoping to get like 150, maybe 200 for it at the most, I'll have to just continue researching I supposed.
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    $150 maybe, for $200, might just as well get a 1060
  6. It's going to be tough to get $200 for it - since some cards of newer technology have equal or a little greater capability, and are around that price or even lower.
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