Harddisk not showing up in 'My Computer' But shows up in the device manager...

I have a 2TB seagate external drive and it won't show up in my computer. It shows up in the device manager but it says 'Disk 5' not initialized, i right click on it and click initialize but it says 'Cannot complete request due to fatal hardware error '. Is there anything i can do to make the device function normally, or is my only option to recover the files. Because i have important work related files.

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    whatever you do, stop trying to initialize the drive. In fact, stop powering it on all together. These drives, at best have media cache issues, but are also know for head and media damage. If you value the data, you should seek the assistance of a data recovery professional.

    A few labs I recommend:

    Recovery Force

    There are plenty of other data recovery labs all over the globe. These are just a handful that I know of that are really good at what they do without overcharging.

    Good luck
  2. +1 Dr_Luke! If the data is valuable, user is at a group of fork tines "in the road":
    1) Send it to a DR company/specialist, pay the monies
    2) Usb or dvd boot Macrium Reflect or anything similar and make a one-pass sector by sector clone onto a reliable external HD and store that 2ndCopy in a safe place
    3) If not doing #1, before doing any local DIY w/help data recovery, do #2 first.
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