Stuttering, cant tell if CPU or GPU

I am getting stutters like crazy on almost every game I play.
GTX 970
16 gb ram
Gigabyte 970A-D3P board
Any help would be graciously appreciated on where the issue could be coming from. Here are temps when playing bf1 using open hardware monitor.
CPU-58.8 Celsius
GPU-75 Celcius
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  1. I'm having a similar problem right now. Open a game then tab out. Open your task manager and go to the performance tab and see if your cpu is only using a fraction of its capable processing power. For me, no matter what application I'm using, my computer will not use more than 0.76 GHz leaving it stuck at 20% utilization. I'll let you know if I find the answer to my issue, since it might be yours too.

    I've messed with bios, antivirus software, all of the MSI control software, to no avail so far.
  2. Have you tried unparking your cores? It didn't help me but it may help you.
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    UntitledRunePage said:
    Have you tried unparking your cores? It didn't help me but it may help you.

    Contacted MSI support, all I had to do was cycle my slow mode switch. The tech support said the one fault on all boards with an integrated slow mode switch is that they eventually fail, and the motherboard runs in slow mode eternally, until it is fixed. I would check to see if: Running the computer in slow mode, then switching back to normal fixes it, and if not, then try reinstalling windows. If you still have the problem then RMA your board, because the slow mode switch is busted.
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