Can you turn off the modem and have the Router only mode?

Hello Everyone!

Currently have a friend that has a really old router, and I'm talking new modem from Comcast but a old router from 2005, that isn't even able to hold 30Mbps. ANYWAY, the issue is that the router needs to be changed, so I have a old modem/router combo router "Netgear C3700" or known as C300. Since they have already the modem, I would like to turn off the modem option in the Netgear.

Is there a way to remove the modem option and have only Wireless(AP)?

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    just plug the ethernet cable coming from the modem into the back of the modem router you have, in one of the 4 ethernet ports

    it should take that connection and replicate it, that is what a friend did with a old adsl router

    i think he had to enter into the web menu of the modem router to change some things or he pressed the reset button in the back of the modem router to wipe configurations form the original isp placed and refused to give to my friend the password to get into it
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