Samsung SM951 256GB m.2 SSD vs Mushkin Reactor 256GB 2.5 SSD for boot + games?

In an attempt to look for super-speedy SSDs without RAID and without breaking the bank, I've managed to find the SM951 SSD. It's reasonably more expensive (about 40 dollars more). I've read that games as a whole aren't really affected by the speed of your storage (within a margin of realism and real-world performance), but I've seen several forums where people rant and rave, throwing flowers and chocolates made for Kings and Queens at the m.2 pcie ssds as a cure all for everything...

If I wanted good wiggle room, I'd probably go for the 960 pro 512GB SSD,but 370 USD seems a tad... shall I say, unreasonable?
I realize that new tech, especially from Samsung, is paying a hefty premium. But when I can find not necessarily value oriented SSDs at 1TB for less than 300 dollars, a 512GB SSD seems a rather tall order for any reasonable wallet.

I am fully aware of the dreaded Diminishing Returns when it comes to pc building. I have 32GB of ram and while I would like to do some nice coding, light CAD, and the occasional pfaffing about in the nearest editing program, I mainly want it for the "I'm never going to run out of room with this setup so multitask-game-edit away!"

On that note, would it be of any use to me to go for an m.2 pcie SSD over the standard sata 3 2.5 SSD?
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    The SM951 was an OEM part, and do know that NVMe and SATA versions exist (and they sometime run hot, and their drivers are not the most stable in the world).

    If you get NVMe (like the 950 or 960's), they really only shine for most users when they are in an array and you're doing drive-to-drive work or queuing deeply.

    For normal users, I would say the standard SSD is still the best bang for the buck.......size over speed, as the difference in speed is practically imperceptible (or just not substantial) in many many tasks.
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