I5 7500 + gtx 1060 3gb or R5 1500x + amd rx 570 4gb for 720p gaming rig

Guys please suggest me i5 7500 + 1060 3gb is ultra to high build for 720p
The option which I am confused is between choosing alternative option of i5 which is R5 1500x which is not performing good now from its sole competitor so will it also lose out in future ( we already seen Fx series)
And for gpu I am impressed with performance of 1060 3gb also more efficient from competitor rx 570 but rx 570 4gb has plus point of 1 gb vram
Price is almost similar here in India intact ryzen rig is bit higher price than Intel rig

Guys guide me thanks in advance
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  1. the 1500X is 4c/8thread and is overclockable. the perf is similar to the 7500 in stock settings. regarding gpu, the 470 is more than enough. choose which is cheap. but i guess the 480 4gb is similar to the 1060 3gb?
    the ryzen 1500X and 480 4gb combo is has longer shelf life than 7500 and 570.
  2. Rx 480 4gb is quite more priced here from 1060 3gb
    1060 3gb is same price as rx 570 4gb
    But for R5 i also need to buy a basic overclockable amd board which directly effect my budget plus if still R5 underperformed i5 in future than spending more money in expensive ryzen doesn't make sense to me Infact ryzen will be become absolute like Fx in next 2 year as Intel start pushing more performance in there chip

    One more thing more cores counts always not make more future proof gaming as Fx has suffered, if games start needing more than 4 cores in games it would already been happen when Fx was launched...
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    Don't compare ryzen to fx mate , they're different entities.

    The 1500x at stock now performs virtually the same as a 7500 , there is literally 2-5fps difference either way depending on title.
    In the future its going to perform better I'm 100% certain myself.

    Any board apart from the cheapest a320 series allows overclocking.

    The skylake/kaby lake socket only has another 12 months or so before it's replaced, ryzens am4 socket is pencilled in for a minimum 4 year span.

    GPU ?? Really at 720p a 1050ti is enough to max any game.

    Above that you're looking at future proofing more than performance now on current titles
  4. try ur mix of amazon global store and for the best price match in india.
  5. That build is overkill for 720p you can do ultra on every game.

    Either would be fine

    That board is fine for the 1500x , its around 600rs more than the cheapest b250 Intel.

    From what I see the 1500x is around 600rs cheaper than an i5 7500

    Same price in my eyes as a combo, the ryzen is the better CPU though IMO.
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