ASRock X370 Killer sli/ac Compatible Ram?

I recently picked up the x370 as a combo deal with the Ryzen 1500x, and I've read a couple reviews noting that some ram was incompatible and wouldn't have it "post" and had to swap out multiple sticks just to get it to "post". Does anyone know of capable ram for the picky little mobo?

Found this one HERE, Not sure if it would be compatible. would like to know before I order. As I saw the other day there's a specific list on the manufacturer's website, which I lost the link for. Any help appreciated. Thanks :)
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    There is a list of tested compatible RAM sticks for every MB (QVL), if in doubt look at that list and for other ones you can check and see if there are some with same characteristics. There's only few companies in the world that make actual memory chips and even less that make controller chips for them. Some of reasons RAM is so expensive nowadays.
    Rest of other makers just use chips from those few manufacturers o put together and sell actual memory sticks.
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