Hey can this computer run games in 4k? or like max settings? This is the part list, i would just like to know if i can play most major games at the moment in max settings or if i should change something that could make it better for gaming. (like nier automata or like ark?) Thanks!
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    It can run games at 4K, absolutely. But max settings are very unlikely to be achieved (with playable FPS), in all but a select few titles.

    A GTX1070 is a High/Ultra 1440p card, or Low/Medium range 4K card....

    To aim for 4K, max settings & 30+FPS, you really have to look at a minimum GTX1080, preferably a 1080TI.

    What's your budget overall?

    The rest of the build is solid enough overall, but has some sizeable flaws:
    *The 7600K is unlocked, so can be overclocked. Paired with a B250 board though, you eliminate that option. Either pair a 7600K with a Z270 board, or a 7500 or 7600 with the B250 board.
    *The NEX lineup is not the greatest. a Seasonic G650 or Rosewill Capstone G650 would be quality 650W options in the same pricepoint - although even a SuperNOVA G3 550W would be sufficient for that rig.
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